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Competition Details

Monkey Shoulder is giving professional bartenders in Seattle, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles and Miami a career-defining opportunity.

The Ultimate Bartender Competition is a two-day event where you can learn valuable skills from celebrity bartenders and compete for a trip to Europe.

What is the Prize?

1 winner from all 5 local events will win a trip to the Athens Bar Show in Greece. winners will attend from Nov 6 – Nov 7, with airfare and lodging included.

Day 1

Bad Monkeys Academy

The first day of the Ultimate Bartender Championship will be The Bad Monkeys Academy, a full hands-on workshop with plenty of entertaining and educational activities. Join us to get great tips on how to succeed in the industry, learn to flair, create new rounds of cocktails and more from some of the following bartending icons: Ezra Star, Dev Johnson, Chris Hannah, and Christian Delpech.

Day 2

Ultimate Bartender Championship

The Championship itself will take place on the second day. Bartenders will be tasked with four rounds of challenges, testing every aspect of the ultimate bartender from spirits knowledge to tray service. Each round will be judged by the same bartending icons as Day 1.

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Regions and Timeline

Event Details

How do we Judge?

Each round will be judged by these top-tier bartenders from all over the U.S. for simplicity, taste, balance, aesthetics, aroma and presentation.

Ezra Star


Boston, MA

Dev Johnson

Employees Only

New York, NY

Chris Hannah

French 75

New Orleans, LA

Christian Delpech

Flair Master

Miami, FL

John Lermayer

Sweet Liberty

Miami, FL

We are heartbroken by the loss of our dear friend and former UBC judge, John Lermayer. Not only was he a fantastic supporter and Monkey Shoulder advocate, he was a bon vivant, a bartender, a father, a workhorse, and a uniter of people. Donations for a college-fund GoFundMe page has been set up for Lermayer’s son, Radek. We raise a Monkey Pina Colada in his honor and toast his legacy to always “Pursue Happiness”.

Donations for college-fund GoFundMe

The entry deadline has passed.
See official rules and regulations

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The Ultimate Bartender Competition is a can’t-miss opportunity for bartenders. Tell your bartender friends in your city to join the competition.